Google+ And The Powerbase = Love


Today we have sailed to seas of change on our ship of conquest!  The Powerbase has landed on Google+!  Now, not only can you circle the editors, you can circle the website!

Google+ is everything that a social networking site should be, and luckily it’s still at it’s best since the dullards have yet to arrive.  So please, circle us, +1 us, and do whatever you want, just so that you are doing it on Google+.

We are on a mission.  We want to be circled more than Coca-Cola.  Are you folks up for the challenge?

Circle us on Google Plus!


Dean Howell

Dean Howell has over a decade of experience with Linux and nearly 2 decades of experience with computers in general. Currently, Dean is Editor-in-chief of The Powerbase and also works for one of the world's largest providers of Linux-based NVRs.

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