Warcraft III, Full HD, Linux, ‘Nuff Said

Warcraft III 1080p

This is just a quick tutorial to get Warcraft III working on widescreen monitors in Linux.  Guess what.  It’s really easy.

This guide assumes that you have installed Warcraft III using PlayOnLinux.

This is as easy as 1-2-3.


Warcraft III has been around for a while.  I remember the day that it came out clearly.  An old friend of mine, a Warcraft II master, was desperate to buy his copy on release day.  No pun intended, but there was a Blizzard outside.

My car was not very well suited for this adventure.  I had a Hyundai Tiburon at the time that sat pretty low to the ground from the factory.  I couldn’t see anything on the road, and halfway between my apartment and Wal-Mart I had driven the car along a curb and became immobile.  We had to call DTSH (doesn’t like to have his real name used) to pull us out with his ’67 Bronco.

The funny part is, I can’t remember if we managed to get the game that day.  Regardless, I am ready to play through the campaign, finally, and as soon as I started it up I noticed that it only support 4:3 resolutions.  Sign of the times, really.  My monitor is wide and 1920×1080.

So, let’s fire up PlayOnLinux and get going.

Now that PlayOnLinux is up and running, select your install of Warcraft III.  Now click the configure button at the top.


Now, in the configuration window, find the Wine tab.

Now, let’s open the good ‘ol Windows Registry editor!

And here we are!  Take this path:

HKEY_CLASSES_USER/Software/Blizzard Entertainment/Warcraft III/Video

Now find ‘resheight’ and ‘reswidth’ and adjust them to your monitor resolution.

When you are done, close the Registry Editor and close PlayOnLinux and launch Warcraft!

Here is a tasty screenshot for you at 1920×1080.

Warcraft III in Full HD!
Widescreen Warcraft III







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