Facebook Wants You Before You Are Born.


I have a Facebook account, and so does this website.  I am not particularly active there.  I prefer Google Plus and Diaspora.  Since I am often absent from Facebook, I miss the little things, and here is one little thing now, and it’s a little disturbing!

As far as I was concerned, relationship status was somewhat uncomplicated –even if it is complicated.  So, I don’t mean for any puns, but it’s unavoidable.

It seems that you can now draw a relationship between yourself and an unborn child, –hopefully your own.  The part this is most disturbing is that I would assume that for the relationship to be valid, the unborn child would have to have a Facebook profile…

Is this a secret weapon to use against Google and future competitors?  Perhaps, but maybe not.  As a skeptic, I say this move is a long-term investment, but regardless, I had to comment.

Hit up the source.

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  • Fa far

    Yeah you did.

  • http://twitter.com/rio517 Mario Olivio Flores

    Honestly, some people really like sharing and setting this up for their babies. I’m unmarried, but I’ve seen pregnant women do this for years, before it was an official feature. They loved it.