The Claim Token in Technorati: The Hidden Guide


This post is not the typical material you might find at the Powerbase.  So, why is it here?  Well, this morning I decided to at The Powerbase to the blog directory at Technorati, which ended up spawning another job, but that’s another story.  In order to include your blog in the Technorati directory, you have to prove that you own it.  To prove that you own it, you are given a “Claim” token.  Now, if you are reading this blog, this is probably the point where you came to a stop.

First off, let me tell you that by making this blog post, I am advertising my claim token so that I can be verified on Technorati.  I could take the easy way out, but there is nothing like a good excuse to write a quick blog to help others.  So, if you are at this point, here is what’s happening and what you need to do.

You should have received the following email:

This is an automatically-generated email.

Thank you for submitting your blog claim on Technorati. Technorati will need to verify that you are an author of the site by looking for a unique code. We have just assigned the claim token 5XJEJWJK3MCM to this claim. Please visit for more details, including how to use the claim token.

Thank you.

And that’s all they give you to go on!  It’s up to you to put the pieces together, but don’t worry its quite simple.  If you aren’t reading this, then you are doing what I was doing.  Guessing.

Just put your claim token in a blog post, like I’ve already done in this one, and you are done!

Technorati is a monster of a site for bloggers, and adding yourself to their directory should be considered mandatory.

Until next time!


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