KDE’s New Oxygen Font Gets Naked For The Camera

Oxygen Featured

OMG Ubuntu reported today that KDE’s new Oxygen font is now available for testing.  As far as I’m concerned it’s at about 90% as far as usability is concerned, and for those of us in the west, there should be no issues with using it as a daily driver.  Here is a little snippet from the official announcement.


Oxygen Font 0.1 is now released for testing purposes. The font still needs some tweaking; mainly to metrics, kerning pairs, and diacritic characters, but it should now be fit to fully test as a KDE system font for most European latin languages. The Cyrillic is still not useable, although it’s better than it was.

But we know why you’re really here.  You want to see if a basic sans-inspired typeface can live up to the sexyness of it’s commissioned competition.  Or, can it live up to the best looking font of all time?  Take a look at the screenshots below and let us know what you think!

Those that are interested in test-driving the font are encouraged to go here and get it!  Have fun!


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    Oxygen typeface looks nice, but still have many issues while seeing it at larger sizes. But it seems to be much better than that joke that is Cantarell.

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