Get A KDE Spark Tablet RIGHT NOW!

The KDE Spark Tablet is now called Vivaldi!  Check It Out!
Potential buyers have been clamoring over the new KDE Spark tablet. Though predicted to perform otherwise, demand has been incredibly high as suggested by the sheer volume of pre-orders over at Make-Play-Live. Well, you don’t have to wait in line… The Spark tablet is really just a re-branded unit. At first, €200 doesn’t seem like a lot of scratch, but once you get familiar with the intimate details of the hardware, you find something here that you might not be able to carry with you as a daily-driver. I must say however, the allure of this rather nice looking experience is enough for me… Now, how well will this run on a Touchpad??

If you want to get your hands on a KDE Spark Tablet Right now, you can pick up the Zenithink C71-ZT280 Android tablet here. It’s $100… So, how does the Spark Tablet justify its price? From Lilliputing:

Seigo says the extra money in the Spark price pays for a few things. Some of it goes to shipping and distribution fees. Some goes to the group’s retail partners. But some of the money will also go back into the KDE Plasma Active and Mer Linux communities to spur further software development and possibly to pave the way for additional hardware devices.

That sounds reasonable. Buying the Spark for full-price is a great way to invest in the platform, but if you can’t wait, here is your opportunity to ‘cut the line’. I already have… Sorry Spark.

Now what?

Head on over to the Plasma Active homepage and read the installation instructions. Load this guy up and tell us what you think of it. Stay tuned to +The Powerbase for an official review of Plasma Two on the Spark hardware.

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