Install Faenza Icons In KDE 4.8

128 – Dolphin_010

Go here if you want to install this in Unity

Uh… Why?

First, I should say that this guide is a guide for performing a very trivial task.  There is nothing difficult here that would prevent an average user from installing the Faenza icon set in KDE.  The only issue is that KDE does a bad job of advertising it’s ability to easily install themes, window decorations, icons and color schemes, among other things.  In fact, it doesn’t really advertise it at all…

That said, if you go lurking around in System Settings, there are a few buttons that make themselves completely obvious.  Just click them and see what they do, they won’t bite.  Really though, the reason for this guide is because we get a lot of incoming searches for “install faenza in KDE”.  So, for those of you out there desperately Googling for an answer ti this age-old query, today is your lucky day!

I like to give the people what they want.

Gimme The Goods…

First things first.  Open up the K Menu and find System Settings.

Now, find Application Appearance.

Find Icons and click on Get New Themes

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Aside from being a huge Sega fan, Dean is an LPIC certified Linux professional with over a decade experience. In addition to spending his free time burning through the classics from Sega and evangelizing open source, he's also the editor-in-cheif of The Powerbase.
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  • Nevio

    The only issue is that KDE does a bad job of advertising it’s ability to easily install themes, window decorations, icons and color schemes, among other things. In fact, it doesn’t really advertise it at all…

    Advertising? Where?
    Its pretty self explanatory once you get to system settings because you dont have to click to see the options under the options, a simple mouse over tells you the 6-7 options of things like Apps Appearance. Seems to the thats the place youve always been able to it.
    Im using 4.5 or 4.6 and its slightly different but again its called Appearance and its always been where you changed the color themes, the icons, the themes, the fonts, the windows (plastik is my fave),etc.

    I started using KDE at 4.3 and the first thing I did (and still do) was go into the appearance option to change things how I WANT. Its the first thing anyone should do especially if you arent a fan of 7pt fonts by default.
    heck, its where you get that pink fluffy bunny theme. its where my wife goes to switch to a dark color setting when the baby is sleeping so the laptop doenst brighten up the room.
    To make the desktop yours, Appearance has to be visited.

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  • Khamul

    Pot, kettle, black.
    This article complains about KDE not “advertising” that new icons and themes can be installed, but this article itself does a bad job showing these super-duper new icons or convincing anyone why we might want to install them. Is it really that hard to take a few more pictures (esp. larger-size ones, or ones that can be zoomed in on)? Or maybe a side-by-side comparison of the standard icons and the fancy new ones?

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  • ScionicSpectre

    KDE doesn’t do a good job of advertising itself. That’s always surprised me- the dichotomy between KDE’s awesome style, look, power, and its external image. Just look at the KDE website- it’s hardly about the desktop environment at all. And sure, they want everyone to remember that KDE isn’t just a DE, it’s a software compilation… whatever, just impress people.

    GNOME, Elementary, and Ubuntu website- meet KDE website. No really, you should make friends- I know he looks a little crazy, but he’s lonely over there, and maybe you could give him a few pointers.

    It pains me to see that everyone seems to do almost everything right, but get one or two obvious things dead wrong. But hey, OS X and Windows have some HUGE problems, so I should probably stop complaining. :)

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  • meteorrock

    I tend to agree. After looking over the forums up at KDE and elsewhere, there is a lack of guidence and just a tough shit if you do not know. Its a very nice and viable desktop but its locked up with developers and mods that give out outright misinformation or a lack of information. Even doing tons of google searches does not turn up much. Please add a way to add icons through the Konsole for those packages having errors through the system settings via an error. is rife with people just not caring.