Meet Vivaldi: It’s Got A Real “Spark” For Open-Source!


Meet Vivaldi, the new opensource tablet from the gang over at MakePlayLive.  You might already know a thing or two about the Vivaldi, because it used to be called the KDE ‘Spark’ Tablet.  What you should really know is that at heart, it is just a giant Google Nexus S.  But what makes it so special?

Well, as far as availability is concerned there is nothing special about it.  You could get one right now, at your leisure, before it’s even released.  I did.  Of course your Chinese tablet will be running Gingerbread instead of Plasma Active.

Plasma Active, the opensource initiative to bring KDE to the tablet, and to bring KDE’s ‘Kore’ suite of applications to a touch-friendly universe, is very real and it’s coming in May.  The first round of pre-orders were an overnight success and all of the units are spoken for, so there is no way you’re getting a hold of one unless you order one from Shanghai.

So, if you’re eager to get your hands on this and you can’t wait the 30 days that it will take from one to arrive from China (30 days :( ), why not take some time to learn a little about Antonio Vivaldi himself, or just give a listen to Four Seasons!  It’s good stuff.

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