A Brand New Community For Mobile Open Source!


A fresh new community has recently come together in the form of  The brain-child of Matthias Lee, the community’s primary effort centers around MakePlayLive’s premier tablet, Vivaldi.  There is a lot of productive discussion there concerning Plasma Active, and making it run proper on this device, but the community also welcomes discussion about any other open tablet platform or open-source software running on various other hardware. also has the blessing of MakePlayLive’s Aaron Seigo,who says in his blog:

We were contacted by Matthias Lee, owner of, a couple weeks back. Since then, they have put together forums for Vivaldi and have started posting news and information about our efforts.

I know some of you will ask “What about”  Plasma Active forums and related KDE discussions will continue there, while will focus on our specific tablet (and other) future products. This is the beauty of open participation: everyone gets to add their own flavour.

We’re really excited about as it is one more piece of the community support and interaction puzzle being filled in by the community itself., in collaboration with Aaron Seigo and the official Mer images, have made tremendous progress on the Zenithink C71.  Check out the video.

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