Which Pro-Wrestler Is Your Operating System?


SCO Unix

Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious was never a good wrestler.  His fame in the WCW and WWF were attributed to 2 things.  Stature and Stupidity.  Sid has been a heel for his entire career, leveraging his stupidity and steroid enhanced anger to maintain himself in the spotlight.  I can’t say that SCO is much different.  Just substitute steroids for money and you’ll quickly see that ol’ Sid and SCO are not much different.

The real difference here is that professional wrestling is scripted and Sid has always been scripted to be a buffoon.  Whether or not he is really stupid is up to you to decide, however the top brass at SCO has been able to prove outright stupidity by sicking their lawyers on Linux for years.  SCO has attempted baseless litigation against Linux several times in its attempts to remain relevant.

Please, enjoy these stupid videos.

Sid vs. Robocop

Sid Breaks His Leg, Bad… (Real & Graphic)

Sid Unknowingly Insults Himself During Promo

Dean Howell

Dean Howell has over a decade of experience with Linux and nearly 2 decades of experience with computers in general. Currently, Dean is Editor-in-chief of The Powerbase and also works for one of the world's largest providers of Linux-based NVRs.

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  • Legion

    For me Linux is The Rock, because is the people’s champion, ;)

  • plazapete

    For me Linux is Hulk Hogan, because he is true hero and fair play dude.
    May the good guys win in the end!