Google Drive Exceeds 5 Million Downloads In Less Than 1 Hour.


Google Drive, the over-speculated, hype-driven, cloud storage platform that we always knew was coming, is here.  Announced only a few thousand heart-beats ago, Google Drive is experiencing incredible demand in the Google Play store.

With a broad, round number of 5 million (5,000,000) downloads recorded and displayed prominently, it may only be another hour or less before we see this immense number roll over to its next milestone.  10 Million.  Though demand is high– and not yet even usable–, the Google Play store seems to be keeping up quite nicely with the queue.  We were able to get our grubby little mitts on a download for the Sprint Nexus S over a depressingly slow 3G connection, in about 10 seconds.

So, what will we be using here at +The Powerbase?  That’s hard to say.  The choice would be a no-brainer if Google manages to integrate it with file managers like Nautilus and Dolphin.  I think that’s a long-shot, but if it is, this might be Dropbox’s saving grace as it already has great integration with Nautilus, the most used file manager in Linux.  Now Dolphin– the tool of choice for us KDE faithful users– may have to wait out in the cold.

In a perfect world, we would already come to expect deep Linux integration, especially from a company that is so heavily vested in it from all fronts.  Unfortunately we live in a world of Picasa with Wine (you seriously don’t know why people don’t use it?), and Google Earth, which is built with Qt and curiously have never made a native appearance…

Either way, we’re sure that Google Drive will be met with the same standing ovation– both user and journalistic– that most of the company’s previous offerings have been met with.

Source | Google Play Store 


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