Kubuntu Finds Sponsor, Lives On


Well of course it lives on!  When Canonical cut the proverbial cord, it simply meant that Jonathon Riddell and the Kubuntu community would have to continue outside of business hours.  Regardless of the time Riddell spent at Canonical, the community has still been able to carry to the torch.

Kubuntu is now official supported by Blue Systems, maintainers of Netrunner KDE-based GNU-Linux distribution.  From the announcement:

Kubuntu will have a new sponsor in Blue Systems from the 12.10 cycle starting in May. Kubuntu is a community led project to create a KDE flavour as part of Ubuntu. Our sponsor since it started has been Canonical who are now moving to focus on their Unity flavour. We would like to thank Canonical for this kind support and wish the best success for the Unity flavour (also called Ubuntu).

Blue Systems sponsors a number of KDE projects and will encourage Kubuntu to follow the same successful formula as it has always had – community led, KDE focused, Ubuntu flavour.

This should finally lay to rest the claims that Kubuntu is finished, and honestly it shouldn’t even take financial backing to prove it!  It’s all about the Kubuntu Commitment.  Shortly after Canonical stopped funding Kubuntu development, Jonathon Riddell and the Kubuntu team were able to release a backported KDE 4.8.1 to the official Kubuntu PPA on day one.

Blue Systems has a long history of supporting KDE related projects, and even publishes a KDE based blog called Netrunner Magazine.

We’re sure that Kubuntu will only get better with time.  Our only hope is that the project remains community focused and sticks close to the stock KDE experience.  Of course pretty fonts by default and a nice set of icons are always welcome.

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  • bob burger

    > it simply meant that Jonathon Riddell and the Kubuntu community would have to >continue outside of business hours.

    I remember Seigo’s recent blog where he said that Jon wasnt really spending his working time on Kubuntu anyways for this latest cycle because most of his canonical work was being done on Bazaar.
    So version 12.04 was already used to having Riddell working on Kubuntu on HIS time and not Canonical.

    Add to this the fact that he also suffered a bad car accident this fall-winter and suffered severe traumatic head injury and was in a coma for 1-2 weeks I believe.

    I am in NO WAY putting down Jon’s work but Kubuntu 12.04 did not have his usual input and it has done very well from what I see on the beta im running (dad is on Kubuntu 10.04LTS and ready for the new one so Ive been testing it).

    So please let me laugh at the idiots who ran the Kubuntu is dead stories. Its the same morons who run the KDE is dead meme. As much as we talk about community (its plural not singular because there is no ONE community but many smallers ones with some common interests), the sniping and childish behaviour from people who feel possesive about ‘their’ desktop is annoying seems these imbeciles seem to alway think that anything good that happens to another desktop means that its not good for them. Tribalism of the fruity kind has only accentuated since Ubuntu started. Not blaming the distro but the influx of newbies bringing in their zero sum game mentality has grown exponentially. When in reality, what is good for one desktop can often be replicated with others because the code is free.

    of course, the article is light on details.
    what does this mean? is it money? resources? manpower?
    What does it mean they are sponsoring?

    From where I stand, Canonical has never seemed to give a hoot about KDE.
    Sure, Mark said all the nice things trying to get developers on board when he started but like all charm campaigns, it is self serving.
    Apart from paying Riddells salary, I cant say I have ever felt or ever heard anyone at Canonical mention plans for Kubuntu. It was a nice addition to the harem but mainly an afterthought.

    Kubuntu 12.04 proves that the community can do very nicely without Canonical since Jon’s input was much smaller. And that is a good thing, projects should NEVER rely on one person that is irreplaceable. The best thing you want for a project you love is that it will go on if something horrible like an accident takes you away.

    And I say that as someone who thought that Kubuntu was absolutely shiite for the first 4-5 years.

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  • Felipe

    I wonder how this will impact on Linux Mint KDE, LMDE KDE and NetRunner. Are things going to stay the same ? … Are there going to be adjustments ? There are lots of questions to answer.

    Of course they’re good news … but we want to KNOW MORE.


  • http://twitter.com/campbell2644 campbell s w

    Good. Variety is the spice of life and KDE is preferred by many users.

  • http://www.ubuntu.com/ Moraru A. Lilian

    I hoped they will set Oxygen font by default in Kubuntu 12.04 but they didn’t :(

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