LinuxDevices Killed in Ziff Davis Enterprise Acquisition?


UPDATE: Both and have come back online since this article was published, with no explanation of the down time. For the time being at least, it looks like LinuxDevices has gotten a reprieve.

One of the oldest and best sources for news regarding Linux powered devices, LinuxDevices, is worryingly silent today. Attempts to reach both the main page and the forums return database errors. This comes a few months after its publisher, Ziff Davis Enterprise, was acquired by QuinStreet.

Signs Of Trouble

On February 3rd, a message was posted on the main page of LinuxDevices explaining how the future of the site was uncertain, and thanked its fans for being so loyal. Last week Jonathan Angel, the former editor of LinuxDevices (as well as and noted the message had been removed. A very similar message was left untouched on the still operating’s publisher, Ziff-Davis Enterprise, has been acquired by a Californian company — as yet undisclosed, but rumored to be Foster City-based QuinStreet. Future plans for the site have not yet been announced …

At this point, the future of is uncertain. What we can say for sure is that it has been a pleasure serving our readers — the best in the business.

Unlike most, you understand that just as a car’s platform (its engine and transmission) determines how it will drive, regardless of what body the stylists stick on, it’s an operating system, processor, and chipset that do the same for a computing device.

I’m proud of our record of ignoring fluff, rumors, and analyst proclamations in favor of uncovering the important information about devices’ essential building blocks. DesktopLinux was also ahead of its time in understanding the growing relevance of open source software.

Most of all, I appreciate your interest and support over the years.

The End, Or A New Beginning?

Even though the site was taken over by QuinStreet in February, it was still operating normally as of a few days ago (albeit without new content). The following update to Jonathan Angel’s bio page on his blog shows that at least he hasn’t given up all hope:

Actually, following the early Feb. demise — temporary, I hope — of (and sister sites I’m newly, and suddenly, unemployed. Frankly I’m glad for a little rest after four years without even a whole week off, and writing/editing thousands of stories.

I think it’s an interesting note that LinuxDevices and WindowsForDevices are down, and yet remains. Is QuinStreet going to relaunch the recently killed sites, but abandon Or is it the opposite? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the Linux desktop had been declared a lost cause.

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  • Edit

    Tom,, and all remain up and available as far as I can see. But, as noted, no new content since the staff was let go in Feb. Too bad the owners fail to see the potential.

    • Tom Nardi

      Yes, they seem to have come back up since this piece was published. Perhaps it was nothing more than a technical difficulty; we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Douggack

    O.K., I was a long time, loyal follower of two of those sites. They’re dead. Is Qunistreet a M$ subsidary?


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  • speculatrix

    the site might still exist but there have been no updates in a very long time, and the contact link points to missing page.
    so I would say that linuxfordevices might as well be dead.
    it’s a real shame as it had a unique blend of content and editorial that no other site duplicates.