Rapid Releases For AOKP ROM, Build 31 Now Available


The last few days have seen rapid releases for AOKP, quickly becoming one of the best Ice Cream Sandwich community ROMs available. Today AOKP has announced the release of build 31 of their ROM, based on Android 4.0.4, coming just three days after the release of build 30.

AOKP Build 30

Build 30 was the first version of AOKP to bring Android 4.0.4 to all supported devices, as the previous build 29 was a staggered release since it was put out immediately after the release of 4.0.4 to Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The main changes for build 30 were:

  • Fixed T9 Dialer
  • Fixed ROM Control issues with saving images (should be fixed for ALL devices)
  • Navigation bar overhaul (ability to set custom actions/icons and long-press actions)
  • Sped up default animation speeds
  • Removed OpenWnn from builds (Japanese IME)
  • Added option to disable camera sounds (Settings -> Sound)
  • toro/maguro: including faux 14m(ainline) kernel by default

One of the biggest changes in build 30 was the initial release of a (currently) AOKP exclusive feature: custom navigation bar. On devices which make use of the ICS nav bar (primarily the Galaxy Nexus and tablets), users can now add custom actions and applications which will persist on every screen. This means you can do things like launch an application without having to back out of the current application and open the drawer. This is a very nice feature, and really sets AOKP apart from other ICS ROMs.


AOKP Build 31

The latest release, build 31, was made public just a few hours ago. This is a bug fix release designed to address the problems found in build 30, which is expected as the move from Android 4.0.3 to 4.0.4 made a number of changes under the hood. Team AOKP says they are getting closer to a stable release, so a few quick bug fix releases like this seem likely in the coming days. Changes for build 31:

  • Fixed long pressing home button not working on capacitive buttons
  • Fixed FC when clearing market data through the LCD density changer in RC
  • Fixed lockscreen icons not setting properly
  • Fixed devices not having MTP checked by default (for Galaxy Nexus amongst others)
  • Fixed battery bar showing incorrect battery percentages and not showing in the proper orientation
  • Fixed Calendar FC in ROM Control
  • Added donate link for Khas Mek (you should really click this)
  • Changed back to stock framework animation speed as the faster ones weren’t properly configured and made things “stutter”
  • p4: devices: updates from pershoot (includes new kernel and fixes)
  • p1c: should work without any special fixes from KhasMek now!
  • supersonic: ProTekk says it’s fixed for b31. Blame him if it isn’t
  • vibrantmtd: fixed 911 issue/call issues (merged from CM)
  • aries: (this is all Galaxy S devices) merged bigRAM
  • vivow: FFC should be proper orientation
  • g2x/o2x: camera should be fixed

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