Slackware Plays Nicer Than Ubuntu With Humble Botanicula Bundle


Update:  We mentioned before that the blog mentioned belongs to reader Dugan Chen.  Dugan was nice enough to update us, rescinding OUR foolish and supposed assumption that he was its owner.  Sorry Dugan, and thank you for the update!

Because You’re A Slacker

If you follow the Humble Bundle series of game packages, or if you’re one of the unlucky individuals to get your mitts on its latest incarnation, you might be privy to a bit of controversy regarding the package.  The controversy, simply put, involves the fact that all of the games in the package require defunct, unsupported Adobe products to function.

With regards to Adobe Air, this product is no longer available in 3rd party, non-free repositories for many distributions, making the game difficult to run for an average user.  Though there is hope, in a galaxy far, far away.

…If you use Slackware.

Kabumaru has a fantastic blog called Some Slack.  Politics aside, this nice archive will get you going on several past & present entries from the Humble Bundle series– even Botanicula…  If you’re a gamer using Slackware, this seems to be the most express way to get into the Humble Bundle action on your Slackware machine.  Kabumaru offers these as SlackBuilds, and all seem to be readily available from his dropbox account.

Woes Of The World

There is a sick and twisted irony behind the existence of these SlackBuilds however…  If you are a Slackware user, it means that you– at one point– managed to get Slackware installed.  What I mean is, you probably know a thing or two about Linux and would probably be able to get up and running with the downloads provided from Humble Bundle, including the Debian and RPM packages when tarballs are not available.  On the other hand, Ubuntu users– who exist in varying capacities as users– are left with scattered and incomplete guides all over the net that may or may not work.

Either way, having these SlackBuilds available to users of Slackware is still a great service, and certainly one that should be met with an enthusiastic amount of gratitude from the community.

Source | Some Slack


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