First EA Games ‘Arrive’ In The Ubuntu Software Center


Fresh from UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit), attendee Electronic Arts have decided to finally dip it’s toes into uncharted waters.  Now available in the Ubuntu Software Center are 2 title from the monolithic publisher.  Ubuntu users can now get their hands on Lord Of Ultima and Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances.

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Lord of Ultima

Description from Ubuntu Software Center

As an eager conqueror, the player settles down in this newly found land, set in the world of Caledonia and starts to raise his empire by developing his first humble village into a prosperous, highly customized capital. To become the mighty and feared Lord of Ultima, the player must master the art of diplomacy and trade as well as the military activities of spying, plundering, attacking and sieging enemy cities.

Lord of Ultima features in-depth strategic gameplay, extensive city building modes and multiple social features from an advanced trading system and alliance creation to online chat and forums.

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Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances

Description from Ubuntu Software Center

In Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances, your skills as a Commander will be put to the test as you enter the fight for resources and world domination.

Build up your base, optimize your resource production and discover new attack and defend tactics as you prepare Player vs. Player and Player vs. Environment battles.

Most importantly, you will need to build up strategic alliances to coordinate massive attacks and support each other for the fight over Tiberium.

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Close, but not really…

Unfortunately the additions are bittersweet…

Both of these titles are from EA’s Play For Free series, which is  acollection of HTML5 games available to anyone with an Internet connection and a modern browser.  The installer from the Ubuntu Software center simply places a shortcut for the game on your system.  Once you’ve launched Lords Of Ultima, it will open a new browser tab where you can, if you’ve not done so before, sign up for a free account and start your campaign.

Essentially, with this confusing delivery method, both of these software’s existence in the Ubuntu Software Center serve only as advertisements for EA’s Play For Free series/service.  Moreover, extra effort could easily have been put into these titles to give the idea that they are truly integrated and installed on a users system.  For instance, why can’t the game launch in it’s own window and separate itself from your browsing workflow?  A little isolation here could go a long way and at least give the impression that EA is actually developing software for this burgeoning platform.


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