Ubuntu One For KDE Has Arrived!


Our Prayers Have Been Answered

Yesterday, developer and blogger ShaneQFul posted about a new project that he’s been working on.  One that fills an enormous void in the KDE space, and moreover, the Kubuntu space.  No Ubuntu One integration for Dolphin, KDE’s default file manager.  Shane answers this void with a new plugin.

It seems that most of the groundwork already existed, so designing the plugin was straight-forward and easy.

That only  leaves the dolphin integration. Unfortunately the dolphin plugin was actually the only part of apache logger’s Ubuntu One for KDE project that he didn’t really like. He says it no where near production quality. I therefore decided to roll up my sleeves and write my own.

This plugin solves one of our longest gripes with Kubuntu.  The other being lack of Dropbox integration.  Of course it’s not fair to direct our gripes to the KDE or Kubuntu teams, as we should be asking Dropbox and Canonical to provide official support.  Either way, this plugin is a tremendous step forward for users of Ubuntu One and KDE.

Per ShaneQFul’s blog, this plugin replicates all of Ubuntu One’s functionality with the exception of showing you which files and folders are being synced within Dolphin.  Fear not, it seems that this functionality is the very next thing on this developer’s plate!

I’m now going to take a look at apachelogger’s old code for the version control plugin he wrote and the code for the git and svn dolphin plugins to see about showing what files are in sync, like nautilus does. I’m starting a job on Monday so I probably won’t have the time for it for a while but I’ll post it here whenever I finish it. Also on a side note I’ll have to do it in C++ and I don’t like C++ as a language but it’ll get done 😉

A Brief Commentary

If anything, this should only further solidify Canonical’s stance on KDE.  The absence of Dolphin integration for Ubuntu One makes it resoundingly clear that Canonical sees no importance in the KDE.  Canonical has put an enormous effort into making a workable client for Microsoft Windows, but has ignored it’s contemporaries all together.  It seems that having the client software was half the battle, and this developer has been able to make tremendous progress towards integration with less than 50 lines of code.

It’s a shame that Canonical can’t burden such an expense.

Source | ShaneQFul


About Dean Howell

Aside from being a huge Sega fan, Dean is an LPIC certified Linux professional with over a decade experience. In addition to spending his free time burning through the classics from Sega and evangelizing open source, he's also the editor-in-cheif of The Powerbase.
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  • http://drupal.txwikinger.me.uk/ Ralph Janke

    What do you need to do to install this?

    • Shane Quigley

      Extract this tar into http://ubuntuone.com/3TBvMYOlHScLUy8jUZAsjX into “home/yourusername/.kde/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus/” also if you haven’t already sudo apt-get install ubuntuone-control-panel-qt u1sdtool ruby if you have any other question or issues ask them on my blog :)

  • http://lateral.netmanagers.com.ar Roberto Alsina

    Hello, I am in the team that develops Ubuntu One’s desktop clients. Just a few small clarifications, which are my personal thoughts, not Canonical’s.

    1) I have been a KDE user for a loooong time, I had apps shipped in KDE 0.9 or so :-)
    2) We have rewritten the whole UI in Qt, which makes it fit a lot better with KDE already.
    3) I have written a Qt-based app indicator, which does improve integration with KDE (check u1-toys project in launchpad)
    4) Yes, we are missing a few bits to integrate fully into KDE, and I am *thrilled* to see this :-)

    However, you make it seem as if doing the windows port was somehow done *instead* of KDE integration. If we had not done the windows port, the UI would still be GTK, for instance, since the main reason for the switch was Qt being a more effective cross-platform toolkit.

    So hey, I am happy with this, KDE users are happy with this, let’s just be happy.

    • http://profiles.google.com/deanhowell2 Dean Howell

      Roberto, I don’t mean for it to sound as if a Windows port was done instead of a KDE one, but when you see someone produce so much with just 50 lines of code, it’s easy to call it into question.

      Having the Ubuntu One client written in Qt only makes me question it further, because you guys were already so close.

      It just seems that Canonical wants to distance itself from all of these variants. Things like the Ubuntu Software Center, and the Ubuntu One ecosystem are evidence of this.

      Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly happy, but I will be ecstatic when you guys collaborate with this gentleman and finish the job proper.

      All things considered, Ubuntu One is damn solid in it’s own right, so Kudos to you and what you’ve done for the team.

    • Shane Quigley

      I agree the only reason I was able to built this is because I stood on the shoulders of your work.

  • tracyanne

    Well I’ve never used Ubuntu One, at least not after the first time I encountered it in Ubuntu. It was then horribly unstable and I lost my files, I’m just glad I only copied them into the Ubuntu One folder.

    After that experience I uninstalled Ubuntu One, and began using Drop Box, since then I’ve moved to Linux Mint, and while Ubuntu One is available I’ve never bothered installing it. DropBox does all i need, which is storing files I’ve made publicly available.

    I’m currently using Linux Mint KDE, and I have no trouble at all with DropBox and Dolphin. I can’t think of anything extra i need.

    • blue_bullet

      I have had the same experience except I did not get nailed with Ubuntu One. I am a Ubuntu refugee having migrated finally to Linux Mint 12 KDE 4.8.2 64 bit. Dropbox/dolphin work just fine for me. Many anxiously await LM 13 KDE. For once I am perfectly happy with 12 and will take my time moving to 13.

    • http://drgeorge.org/ ricegf

      I’ve used UbuntuOne for over a year on my primary desktop, netbook, and a Windows media computer, and am happy to report that it’s been completely stable and very useful. I also use dropbox on occasion in conjunction with my iPad.

  • 2eurocents

    what on earth took it so long to arrive?
    how curious.

  • Marc Dos Santos

    >as we should be asking Dropbox and Canonical to provide official support

    yeah, good luck getting Canonical to do that….

    been using Dropbox with Dolphin on Mint KDE with no problem so Im not sure what Ive been missing.
    can anyone tell me the difference?

  • Jarlathreidy

    “we should be asking Dropbox and Canonical to provide official support”
    I can’t say I blame Canonical for focusing their efforts more. Theres’ KDE and Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Gnome Shell … best to keep operations tight as possible.

  • Agent X

    Meh. OwnCloud is grounded in KDE, has a sync client and keeps my data where I own it and it’s decentralized, avoiding the commercial tempation to take advantage of a boatload of users all in the one place. Oh yeah, and it’s open source.

    • Agent X

      …and by “open source” I mean all of it. SYnc client. Server. All of it.

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