Google I/O 2012 Starts Today!

Google I/O 2012 Moscone West

Google I/O 2012 Starts Today!

I am here in San Francisco and I am very excited to be attending my first Google I/O.  Ever since I started Android development in 2008 I have wanted to attend Google I/O but I have never had the opportunity until this year. I arrived in San Francisco this afternoon and so far I have checked into the conference and I even had the chance to attend the Lookout Party Your Apps Off event.

I am very excited to see what new things Google has in store for us. Since I am an Android developer I am especially looking forward to Android news.  There is quite a bit of speculation that a 7 inch “Nexus Tablet” made by Asus will be announced at Google I/O.  The tablet could possibly be named the “Nexus 7” and I will not be surprised if we get a glimpse of it today.  Most likely we will also be seeing news about the next version of Android, aka “Jelly Bean”, which will either be Android version 4.1 or 5.0.  I also expect to see updates to Google TV and the Google Chromebook as well.

Some things that I would like to see addressed at the conference beyond the obvious Android news is the status of the Google Glass project and the Google Self Driving cars.

What do you think will be announced at Google I/O 2012?  Is there any specific information from Google I/O 2012 that you would like to see here on The Powerbase?  Let me know in the comments below!

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