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Bryan Lunduke announced on his blog today the imminent forthcomence of the Lunduke OS, a custom appliance built with Suse Studio.  This appliance will make available all the tools necessary to develop for, and tinker with, the Lunduke Suite.


The purpose of this distro is not to become the King of all Linux Desktops.  The purpose is simply this: To provide a good, up-to-date test-bed and development workstation for all of this software.


What the heck is that?  That’s the song that gets stuck in my head every time I hear mention of Suse Studio.  And that’s OK because it’s a great song.  If you are an appreciator of the late 1980s, and clung the Genesis’ roots as a progressive portrayer of sonic art, then you probably do too.  Not only does it sound like he’s singing “Su-se-studio”, there are other parallels that follow.  Sussudio is a song by Genesis, and in many ways Lunduke OS represents a Genesis of process and opens a door to a wide-open meadow for Lundukers to go play in.

It’s true that we live in the appliance age.  Want a Wiki?  Go and download an appliance from Turn-Key Linux.  Need something for audio production that has a low-latency kernel?  Go get Ubuntu Studio.  Want to aid in the development of the Lunduke SDK or dissect it for study, but don’t want to taint the family computer with hundreds of development packages?  Get the Lunduke OS.

As much of a critic as I am of Lunduke, a custom distro built solely for those interested in working on his suite of software is a good one, and I sincerely believe that the intent is more tool than gimmick.

This and That

To wrap this up, I want to make a couple of things clear. Both of the editors working for this publication are critics of Bryan Lunduke.  Now, we don’t speak for each other and while we generally agree about where we think this whole open-source/donation model is heading – in a mostly presumptuous/contemptuous way – we are pretty much done with the issue.

Though I did have some fun…  I made the Bryan Lunduke Promise Menorah, which was basically meant as a light-hearted joke to point a finger at the Lunduke SDK’s Hanukkah style delivery.  I had planned to try and use it to challenge Lunduke to at the very least deliver on an expensive promise in the realm of 8 days.  I was going to light a candle each day until Lunduke Hanukkah was over.  I did some other fun things too, but they were just simply too inappropriate for The Powerbase.  Of course this is all the more reason to have my own blog, so that I can be offensive and talk about things other than computers, like Pro Wrestling.  :)

Either way, I want to take the high-road here and acknowledge a great idea when I see one.  You see, Tom and I both own software produced by Lunduke from the pre-donation era, and my experience with the piece of software that I own has been pretty positive.

What I’m saying is, simply, you don’t have to like Axel Rose to like Guns & Roses.

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    There is a difference between Genesis (which includes Michael Rutherford and Tony Banks) and the solo career of Phil Collins.

    Only Phil Collins was involved in Sussudio.