Valve Picks Up Steam With Influence From Larabel

Michael Larabel

UPDATE 07/25:  Valve Teases L4D2 With Zombie Penguins

We all know now that Steam is really coming to Linux.  According to Gabe Newell, you can expect it this year.  The ‘Steam-engine’ picked up additional locomotion yesterday when it brought developer David White on board.  This is of course after being influenced my Michael Larabel, founder of Phoronix.

Last month, Michael recruited Forest Hale, known mostly for the Dark Places game engine that powers Xonotic, an amazing and fast-paced first-person-shooter that is well known on the Linux platform.  Michael Larabel is quickly becoming the center of the universe on all things Steam for Linux.  

He is now a broker on two fronts, being the first person in the Linux blogosphere to learn any and all developments that occur with Steam, and Valve’s most trusted and influential recruiter.  It seems entirely likely that when all is said and done, Valve’s entire Linux staff will be hand-picked my Michael Larabel.  When Steam is finally released towards the end of this year, it’s easy to say that Michael Larabel will be the most influential person in Linux gaming history.

Phoronix has been around since 2004, and between then and now it has become a destination for technology enthusiasts who want to get a clearer picture of hardware performance in Linux.  It is no doubt a work of pure analytical passion, and has raised awareness in the Linux community and uses hard facts with charts generated by the Phoronix test suite to point fingers at major hardware manufacturers.


While the binary-blobs provided by Nvidia and AMD (ATI) are still not up to snuff with their Windows counterparts, the thousands of benchmarks recorded at Phoronix over the years may have at least provided the push to get them where they are today.  Once Steam for Linux is real and available, that will only push the quality of these blobs further, and narrow the gap.  Of course an occasional middle-finger doesn’t hurt much either…

My prediction?  Michael Larabel will be regarded as the most influential person in the Linux community for 2012.  Just try not to confuse him with Steve-O, the most influential man to ever punch a shark.

Thanks Michael.

Source | Phoronix

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