Valve Teases L4D2 With Zombie Penguins


Visitors of the Left 4 Dead “Cold Stream” portal are being greeted with tasty Tux morsels this morning as Valve’s makes no bones about the impending release for Linux.

The creepy, decaying and reanimated corpse of Tux is a beacon for Linux gamers everywhere.  Since Michael Larabel first outed the news of Steam For Linux back in May, news-sources have been in a frenzy with updates and speculation about what this means for Windows, Linux and gaming in general.

From Valve:

Later this year, L4D2 will be available on a brand new platform. It will be one of the first Valve games to be released on Linux. This will allow Linux users to run Steam and play the game directly without having to run additional software. You can follow the development HERE and we will have more information later this year as we get closer to release.

Now that we are approaching August, the promise of L4D2 looms on the horizon, so it might be a good idea to get those credit cards ready.  The only shame here is that other Source-Engine games won’t be available for launch, so if you’re still playing Counter-Strike, it might be a little too soon to abandon your Wine install.  Also, Steam will initially be available only for Ubuntu, which will not be welcome news for users of other distributions.  Though Valve promises to deliver Steam to other distributions shortly after release.

Source | Valve

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