Android Open Kang Project Releases First Jelly Bean ROM


Just as promised in their previous status update, the Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) has unleashed their first stable Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM out into the wild. Binaries are compiling for supported devices at the time of this writing, and finished ROMs will be popping up on the AOKP site as they become available.

AOKP Jelly Bean Build 1

This release of AOKP Jelly Bean is the first time the AOKP team has felt confident enough in a release to publicly announce it. While the team has been releasing nightly builds of their ROM for some time now, they were not for the faint of heart and didn’t meet the requirements for being a “Daily Driver” release.

As noted by the AOKP team, there is really no Changelog that applies to this particular release. Rather than being an update of their previous AOKP source, the team started over completely from scratch. For all intents and purposes, AOKP Jelly Bean has no direct link to AOKP Ice Cream Sandwich.

That being said, the main points of interest as far as AOKP modifications go are:

  • Notification toggles
  • Lockscreen tweaks
  • Navigation bar modifications
  • Custom kernel performance options
  • LED colors
  • Notification wallpapers
  • Phone ringer modifications

There are no known issues currently listed with this initial Jelly Bean release, though doubtlessly some will start popping up on forums as more people get this ROM on their individual devices and start putting it through its paces.

Device Maintainer Application

In addition to the first public Jelly Bean release, today also marks the start of device maintainer applications. Anyone interested in becoming an official AOKP device maintainer must meet the following requirements:

  • Be in “good standing” with the community
  • Be comfortable with gerrit/git
  • Able to submit clean, easy to read code
  • Able to keep the device they are maintaining “up-to-date” until at least the next release of Android
  • Submit original work, or at the very least keep authorship of all commits not written by the maintainer

If you meet those requirements and own one of the devices the AOKP team supports, you can put in your application by filling in the following form:

AOKP Device Maintainer Application

Keep in mind that final decision as to who will be appointed to which devices will be voted on by the AOKP team, so there could be some competition for the more popular devices.

Source | AOKP News

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