Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition May Be Linux Bound


Another ‘AAA’ Title Linux Bound

In a tweet just hours ago from @TrentOster of BioWare, the first indication of a new Baldur’s Gate for Linux was revealed.  The tweet reveals plans to bring Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition to Linux.

Trent Oster: We are in talks around creating a Linux version of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition.

Multi-platform from the start

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is currently available for pre-order on Microsoft Windows, if for anything just to check the pulse on the market for this title.  It is currently also slated for release on iPad and Mac OS X in September.  An Android version has already been announced.

I would be safe to assume that availability on all of these other platforms means that porting to Linux would be easy.  This title most certainly has benefited from some kind of cross-platform development tool in order to bring this classic title to such varied environments.

Take a look at the official teaser for the game below.

The development team behind Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, Overhaul Games, seems to be in the business of refreshing gaming classics, most recently releasing MDK2HD.  Does this mean that there is a chance that we will see MDK2HD for Linux too?  Not too likely, as it seems that Bioware is in talks about bringing Baldur’s Gate, and MDK2HD is an unrelated product.

Either way, the more ‘AAA’ titles we get for Linux, the better.  Now the only question left is how this will be delivered.  Ubuntu Software Center?  Steam For Linux?  Hmm…  We’re betting that this title might slide under the radar a little and launch at the same time as Steam for Linux.  But we can’t predict the future.  Either way, I’m buying!

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  • Jazzyboy1

    Really awesome news.

    Won’t be on Steam for Linux though. Beamdog’s already announced that Baldur’s Gate won’t be on Steam at all. It’s exclusive to their shop. So you can either get it direct from their online store or their client.

    Hopefully it might be in the Ubuntu Software Center as an external link though as the only issue with Steam is the DRM, so Beamdog might consider a DRM-free packaging app.