New Games Added to Humble Bundle 3 for Android


As we reported previously, the “Humble Bundle 3 for Android” offered an excellent deal for gamers on Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. But just in case the original collection of independent games weren’t enough to get you donate some money for worthy charities, the Bundle has just been updated with an additional 4 games.

World of Goo

World of Goo, by 2D Boy, is a game that hardly needs introdution at this point. This extremely popular physics puzzler is almost universally praised for its ingenious gameplay and presentation. If you’ve somehow managed not to play it, this would be a good time to fix that mistake.


Osmos, by Hemisphere Games, is another wildly successful and critically acclaimed title. In Osmos, you play the role of a “mote”, a small organism that can maneuver itself around the play field by ejecting matter from itself, which in turn causes you to shrink. To survive, you’ll need to absorb other motes to keep yourself from wasting away to nothing.

There’s just one catch, you can only absorb another mote while you’re larger than they are. As more and larger motes start entering the play area, the life of a mote gets awful dangerous awful quick.


Anomaly, by 11 Bit Studios is something like a traditional tower defense game, but in reverse. Rather than setting up defenses to keep waves of attackers out, the player has to command his forces going into the fray. With a darker and more detailed presentation than most other games in the genre, Anomaly is likely to be a hit even for the more “serious” gamer.


On the other side of the spectrum from Anomaly, Mobigame’s EDGE is a casual puzzle game through and through. Players move their cube through a dynamic level that’s constantly moving and changing; putting your patience, planning, and reflexes to the test. With a retro look and soundtrack, EDGE is a great game to unwind with.

Incredible Bargain

As of this writing, there is just shy of 7 days left to purchase your Humble Bundle. Pledging more than the average price, currently a paltry $6.30, will get you all 9 games and their respective soundtracks.

For the numerically challenged, we’re talking about a purchase price of less than a dollar each. If that’s not a good enough deal to get you to open up your wallet, I don’t what is.

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