Fedora Project Manages Test Day With Google+


Those of us that follow +Fedora on Google Plus got a handy dandy invitation to Fedora 18 Test Day – Power Management.  On October 11th, those who have accepted this invitation are invited to use there laptops and report their experiences back to the Fedora team directly in an attempt to socially corral bugs and improve the Fedora experience.

Here’s the contents of the invitation:

This test day is particularly interesting. It’s focused on suspend, hibernation, backlight color, and a power management tool – Tuned in Fedora 18.
So if you have a laptop and you want to make sure it works well with Fedora 18, this test day is a must.
Alongside the online event, there will also be an event at Brno office of Red Hat where people can come and test hardware with PM devels of Red Hat.

Social Media

It’s great to see the Fedora project leveraging emerging social media like Google+ in order to gain valuable feedback from the community, though this effort doesn’t seem to have garnered the sort of interest the the project might have liked.

We first received our invitation 2 days ago, and since that point, only 195 people have RSVP’d.  The currently statistics of the social efforts are as follows.  (3:12pm EST -5 GMT)

GOING: 195

MAYBE: 219


While not a breakout success by any stretch, any data is good data.  We can only hope that the attendees are equipped with diverse enough hardware to cover all of the bases.

Don’t have Google Plus and still want to join the effort?  Head over to the official homepage.

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