Humble Indie Bundle 6 Brings Torchlight To Linux, Ubuntu


Humble Indie Bundle 6 has arrived, unexpectedly as usual.  It brings with it what seems to be a positively epic lineup of indepenent games, including one blockbuster as well.  Torchlight.

Commercial games appearing unexpectedly on Linux is always a surprise, and a welcome one at that; though this will not always be the case.  In addition to Torchlight, the following games make an appearance in the first iteration of this bundle:

  • Dustforce
  • Rochard
  • Shatter
  • S.P.A.Z.
  • Torchlight
  • Vessel*
From Humble Bundle:
Six mind-blowing games. Humble Indie Bundle 6 features six fantastic titles and five breathtaking soundtracks. Name your price and dive into the critically acclaimed action-RPG Torchlight; the rugged sci-fi action platformer Rochard; physics-based brick breaker Shatter; top down space combat sim Space Pirates and Zombies; and steampunk puzzle platformer Vessel. Customers who beat the average price will also get the incredible frantic acrobatic platformer, Dustforce!

Nothing new, but still awesome!

Also, the Humble Bundle let’s you control where your money goes, just as in previous editions.  You will be able to donate your hard-earned money towards the usual EFF and Child’s Play Charities.  As perusual, a Humble Bundle event is immensely popular.  Since purchasing our bundle, the number of purchases has jumped dramatically from 25k to 36k.  This was a span of 20 minutes.

 Also not surprising this go ’round, Linux users are already paying double that of Windows users.  But that’s not the best news for Linux users.  Like the last Android bundle, and the Humble Bundle 5 before it, these purchases are redeemable in both the Ubuntu Software Center and Steam.  Soon, Linux users will be able to make that choice for themselves when Steam finally debuts for Ubuntu later this year.

As far as redeem support for Ubuntu goes, we do wish that Humble Bundle would go back and retroactively add Ubuntu Software Center support to older bundles.  Though there is hope, as Humble tends to come back and update their bundles with previous games from older bundles, so we might be able to redeem the whole suite sometime in the near future.

Thanks Humble Bundle!

Source | Humble Bundle

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