OsciPrime Available for Preorder


OsciPrime, the open source Android oscilloscope that we reported on earlier, has finally opened up for preorders:

The first pieces are planned to be ready for delivery in the beginning of November 2012. We will keep you informed about the status of the process via Google+. Please note: The first batch is going to be a small series (50 – 100 pcs). However, we are able to increase the amount on the go, if we see that preordering interest is high.


The OsciPrime turns any Android phone or tablet (tablet strongly recommended) with USB Host mode into a fully functional high speed oscilloscope. While this tool isn’t for everyone, those who have been in the market for a new digital oscilloscope know how expensive even the entry level models are.

For just under $300, you’ll get all the hardware, you just need to provide your own Android device. This is pretty competitive with other stand alone oscilloscopes on the market, and none of those will come with a big multi-touch display like the OsciPrime will when connected up to your Android tablet.

Prototype OsciPrime

Of course, as the hardware is extremely well documented and open for improvements and modifications, it’s possible that the cost will come down with time. Higher volume of production may also bring the cost down eventually.


Even at the current price point, it’s likely the preorders will sell through fairly quick. If you’re in the market for an oscilloscope but have been put off by the starting price on even the most basic of digital models, take a look at the OsciPrime.

To put your order in, head over to the OsciPrime Preorder page.

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