Rhythmbox Coverart Browser Adds Much Welcome Bling


Looking Better Than Banshee Now!

Web Upd8 reports today that Rhythmbox plugin Coverart Browser has been successfully ported to GTK3 by AskUbuntu moderator fossfreedom.

While Rhythmbox has always been a capable player, thanks to the classic iTunes-like functionality and Gstreamer backend, it has always suffered from a lackluster design.  Opting for the utilitarian approach and avoiding the Gnome-foundation’s infestation of Mono-based tools, Rhythmbox has been able to stay reliable and stable.  It is currently to default audio player for Ubuntu.

Fossfreedom is the owner of the Rhythmbox plugin PPA, which extends the functionality of current Rhythmbox versions considerable.

Looks nice

We’re told that the Coverart Browser has not yet been uploaded to fossfreedom’s PPA, but can be installed regardless.  For instructions on installation, please use the source link and give your thanks to Web Upd8.

You might also go and check the project out on GIT!

With all of this hard work going into extending Rhythmbox, we’re left wondering; Where are Canonical’s contribution aside from the Ubuntu Music Store?

Source | WebUpd8


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