Steam Internal Beta Next Week, External Beta To Follow


It’s Almost Here

Steam announced late yesterday via its blog that Steam and L4D2 will enter internal beta stage next week.  This means that the software will be tested internally for a matter of 2 to 4 weeks.  After that initial phase of testing Valve reports that there will be an official external beta program.

The external beta program is extremely exclusive however, offering this testing to only 1000 candidates.  The idea behind this program is to test Steam and L4d2 on the widest range of hardware possible.  So feel free to sign up with your 486DX4 100 and 8MB of RAM, though I’m sure that may fall out of the range they are looking for.  The private external beta will include the following:

  • Steam
  • One Valve game
  • Support for Ubuntu 12.04 and above

It will not yet include:

  • Big Picture mode
  • Additional Valve games

If you are one of the lucky 1000 beta testers, you will have little to complain about.  Unfortunately, Valve has yet to set up an official portal for signing up, but promises to report back on their blog when they are ready to follow through with the external beta.
Will it be you?

Not Your Only Chance For Freebies…

The Powerbase would like to extend a special offer to all of its readers who use Google Plus.  From now until the official release date of Steam and L4D2, we are giving away lots of Steam goodies!

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Source | Valve Linux Blog

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