Steam Linux Beta Build Surfaces In Steam’s Database


For those of you who are chomping at the bit, biting your nails and ruthlessly washing your cars over and over again in anxious anticipation of Steam for Linux, we’ve got good news for you.

Database hacker Marlamin uncovered the first evidence of a Steam for Linux build on Steam’s servers using using CDR Steam database parser.  Steam’s beta carries an app id of 16549 and was uploaded just today.

Steam Linux Beta
2012-09-06 01:15:54

Some are claiming that this is evidence that the Steam Linux beta is just days away. There is no concrete evidence of this, but there certainly is plently of room for wishful thinking!

The database also give a nice look at Steam for Linux alongside all of today’s other uploads.

Stiff competition…

So, what will you be buying?  Our guess is L4D2 since there are no other announced titles at this time.  Though we would be happy to see a full compliment of id Software’s Linux contributions.  Also, I see no reason why the entire Humble Bundle series won’t make an appearance via their already available Steam keys.

Source | Marlamin


Dean Howell

Dean Howell has over a decade of experience with Linux and nearly 2 decades of experience with computers in general. Currently, Dean is Editor-in-chief of The Powerbase and also works for one of the world's largest providers of Linux-based NVRs.

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  • Martin Benjamins

    What I do is simple data-mining! No hacking involved whatsoever. :P

    • Dean Howell

      Ah! I guess I’ve given you too much credit!

      • Martin Benjamins


        • uh20

          either way, very very neat find, the fact that this is not a database made until now suggests a beta, even an internal one, might be right on its way

  • Zedronar

    If I have my L4D2 already bought for Windows, will I have the Linux version as well?

    • Simon Banyard

      That’s how it’s worked with the Mac/Windows combination so far.

    • Dean Howell

      The only games that I have from Steam is Half-Life 2. I hope that when it is Linux ready, I will have access to it. It seems that their plan is to become platform agnostic, so my assumption would be yes.

      • Zedronar

        Hope so!

      • Charlie Whitman

        That’s my lone Steam game as well. It would be nice to be able to run it natively in Linux.

  • bytehakr

    Valve releasing a Linux distro as a gaming platform would be great!

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  • Charlie Whitman

    I agree that it would seem like a no brainer to support pre-existing Linux titles with the Steam client as well, especially titles that they support on Windows and Mac like the Humble Bundle titles.

  • Tom Nardi

    I forgot, I actually do have some games in Steam. Gary’s Mod was too enticing not to dual boot for back when it came out. Also the Humble Games.

    Suddenly, I am interested in Steam for Linux.