SMS Home-brew Game “Bread And Butter” Released


The Sega Master System, 20 years dead in the US, and nearly dead in Brazil, is seeing the release of a new home-brew game, Bread And Butter.  Bread And Butter was announced late yesterday evening on Sega-Addicts.  They had this to say about it:

SMS Power! forum member dragonfeet has unleashed a brand new Master System game named ‘Bread and Butter’. A co-op platformer, Bread and Butter has you assume the control of female chef Bread and glutinous fat boy Butter as they search each level for super-sized ingredients in order to bake ‘The Bread of Legends’.

It’s always good to hear that there are developers out there slaving away over hot keyboards to bring us wonderful new games for our wonderfully old consoles. Bread and Butter is available as a ROM for use with an emulator, and can be downloaded here.

Classic platforming, pre-Super Mario style!

The description pretty much says it all.  We’ve played around with the game a little bit using our favorite SMS emulator in Linux, Mednafen.  Our initial thoughts are that the game is a little bit rough around the edges, but other than that there is little to complain about in a world where things like new SMS games can just happen.

The game plays a little bit like a cross between Donkey Kong and Pitfall, but better visually, making good use of the SMS color palette, which was pretty good for it’s heyday!  The audio is a little rough too, which I am personally going to offer my services to.  [Little known fact about myself:  I used to be a composer and I’d love an interesting excuse to sharpen my skills again.]

All-in-all, new SMS games are exciting!

Try it out!

We used our favorite SMS emulator for this game, Mednafen.  To install in Ubuntu, do this:

sudo apt-get install mednafen
mednafen /path/to/

That’s it!

A Couple Thoughts

Home-brew games such as this one make great candidates for being open sourced.  Especially when you are dealing with action platformers.  I can understand the closed nature of some games, such as RPGs, where you might want to preserve the experience and artistic aspect, but opening up code for classic hardware like the SMS has a lot of benefits to many people.

Those interested in home-brew creation on old Zilog Z80 processors like this would have a great source of reference and a place to get started.  It’s educational, and there are a lot of people out there that might want to take a look and learn a thing or two.  Dragonfeet, would you consider hosting your code on Git?  We have a nice little guide to help you get started if you don’t know how.

Download | Bread And Butter

Source | Sega-Addicts


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  • timp

    now they need to release it for TurboGrafx16 and I’ll be happy. lol