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Ubuntu Ren & Stimpy

Remember that really cool concept debuted by Canonical last February?  Ubuntu for Android?  Yeah?  Well, guess what, it’s still cool and it’s still happening.  The proof?  This new ad from Canonical explaining the benefits!

The selling point remains the same; You’re walking around with the uber-powerful device in your pocket with a quad-core processor, a couple gigs of RAM, and the ability to connect to a monitor, keyboard and mouse.  Why lead the double life?  Canonical is seeking to sell a dream where user no longer need to sync their data, because it already exists on their phones.  It still sounds a little like science fiction, but with devices like the ARM-powered Chromebook, these things seem more and more like reality everyday.

Here, check out the ad.

The real boon here is the ability to use your Android phone as a phone while using Ubuntu in desktop mode.  Sending SMS messages and making calls are both abilities that are promised.  So, the only question left is, when can we get our hands on it?  Well, that’s all hard to tell as of yet, but if we were to venture a guess, we’d say sometime around 14.04.  Our best guess is that this ad is designed with one goal in mind; Gaining interest from hardware vendors.

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