Gnome Takes a Step Back To Make A Come Back With “Classic” 3.8


Put out your torches Linux community.  We’ve known for a little while now that after that enormous backlash against Gnome for removing “fallback” mode, Gnome has announced that it plans to bring back a real “Classic” mode for it’s remaining users ready to make the exodus march.  Now you can divide your negativity towards Unity and all of the other things that you hate, because officially, Gnome has announced that “Classic” will be it’s very own separate session.

That’s right folks.  Instead of just a collection of thrown together extensions meant to extend the old fallback mode into a usable state, you’ll get the full boat with the full Gnome touch.  You’ll get the usability you’ve missed — available in XFCE anyway — with some updated and attractive changes and twists.

From the announcement:

After a bit of to and fro (back and forth), we decided that we will expose the fallback mode replacement as a separate session. So, when the user tries to log in via GDM she will see two options for GNOME — the vanilla GNOME and the fallback mode replacement. We have not yet decided what to call these two modes. The current consensus is that ‘Classic’ is a bad name because it does not clearly convey any meaning, so I am trying to avoid using it so that it does not stick in people’s minds.

If you want to track progress on this not-yet-named “Classic” mode, take a look at this bug throughout this next week.  For screenshots and more details, check out this excellent post on World Of Gnome.

Source | World Of Gnome

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