Humble Indie Bundle 7 Will Be Worst Humble Bundle Ever For Linux


Clarification —  It seems that the Humble Botanical Bundle was originally referred to as “Humble Indie Bundle 7“.  The games mentioned in this article are not accurate, rather the result of a drunken Google session and a “Jump To Conclusions” mat.  Our apologies.

Running Out Of Ideas

Those that are feeling a little miffed by the latest Humble THQ Bundle are probably anxiously awaiting the promised Humble Indie Bundle 7.  Bundle number 7 is currently being promised on the Humble Bundle homepage to those users that are not bashful with their email addresses.  While no communication has been sent by the Humble Gang yet, there are a few details available.

While browsing the infamous CDR database, we stumbled across a listing for Humble Indie Bundle 7 and Humble Indie Bundle 7: Beat The Average.  So how could a Humble Indie Bundle possibly be disappointing, or even worst Humble Bundle ever?  So far, they are no linux native games.  In addition to that, there are no games making their debut with this bundle.  Faithful purchasers of past bundles likely already own all of these games.

What’s on tap?

As mentioned above, all of the games on offer have been offered in previous bundles.  Here is the current, and likely incomplete, list of games for the regular bundle.


Remember the controversy the Humble Botanicula Bundle debuted way back in April?  Botanicula is an Adobe Air game, which is a software that has now long been discontinued on Linux.  When the bundle debut, there was a serious community backlash towards Humble, leading them to finally hire some Linux development muscle.  Will this version be plague with the same issue, or with Humble packagers be kind enough to offer up clear instructions on how to install Adobe Air in a clean and non-destructive way.  Better yet, will Humble take the time to package Abode Air into the download?  We hope so.

Machinarium and Samarost 2

Both are Flash games, and both have been included with previous bundles.  So far we are failing to see any real value in this bundle for faithful — and high-paying — Linux users.


Windosill, so far is the only game offered for those who beat the average.  We still expect to see a couple of other games jump on board, but so far, this is all that is official.  Again, Windosill is a Flash game — also discontinued on Linux — and has been offered in previous bundles.

So, will you be buying Humble Indie Bundle?  This might be a good time to speak with our wallets and slide the charity slider all the way to the right.

Source | CDR

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Aside from being a huge Sega fan, Dean is an LPIC certified Linux professional with over a decade experience. In addition to spending his free time burning through the classics from Sega and evangelizing open source, he's also the editor-in-cheif of The Powerbase.
  • Patrick Thunstrom

    I’m hoping that’s not the whole bundle, but yeah, that’s pretty disappointing. Those games are actually the ones I’ve been least interesting to boot.

  • Mr Man

    Those are the games from the Humble Botanicula Bundle back in April. Great reporting! *note that was extreme sarcasm*

  • jhansonxi

    I think there are two problems behind the HB offerings. The first is a shortage of developers with the necessary porting expertise. The second is the lack of candidate games. The HB games are generally older titles. There was a significant lack of proprietary Linux-compatible game development between the demise of Loki and the increased Linux support by indie developers. In comparison, there were thousands of similar-quality Windows games piling up in bargain bins. HB hired a Linux developer but porting takes time. Hopefully the situation improves over the next year with Valve’s influence.

  • Osbit

    You should have researched this better. What you are talking about might be listed as Humble Indie Bundle 7 but it is essentially the Humble Botanicula Debut.
    If you look at the “Added on” date for this bundle this becomes abundantly clear. The date is of April 17th 2012, which is just a few days before the bundle launched.

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  • soren121

    Dead wrong. Every game in Humble Indie Bundle 7 is on Linux. In fact, they’re all brand-new Linux ports.