KDE Gains “Magic Monitor” Functionality With New KScreen


It’s Magic!

Well, it seems that after 2 decades –or probably 15 years– of headaches setting up multiple monitors in Linux, things are finally turning around in the user’s favor, or rather, KDE users favor.  In the beginning, there was X.  X allowed –and still allows for– WIMP interaction on the Linux platform.  Then came the evolution into Xorg, which eventually led to –just a few short years ago– zero configuration single monitor setup.  As great a Linux is, some of us still to this day toil away at our xorg.conf trying to make our unique setup work, manually setting monitor coordinates and defining refresh rates.  KScreen is the next evolution in multi-monitor setup in Linux, that is, if you’re a KDE user.

This project has been graciously sponsored by Red Hat, traditionally a Gnome-house, and Blue Systems, the current financial sponsor of Kubuntu.  This magic monitor setup is being developed exclusively by  Àlex Fiestas, employed by Blue Systems, and Dan Vrátil, a Qt Ambassador and KDE supporting member.

From the source post:

As you may know Dan Vrátil and I are working in a brand new screen manager that will solve most of the issues that we currently have on the desktop, making the configuration of monitors either auto-magical or super simple.

We are trying be as smart as possible adapting the behavior of it to each use case making the configuration of monitors as simple as plugging them to your computer.

A video is worth more than a million words:

Here is the video referred to in the post for your viewing pleasure.

SourceAfiestas Blog

Via | Reddit

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  • dogandponyburlesqueshow

    Well it’s about time! Let’s hope that all the insides are hacked out of it and worked into other desktop environments, or even X itself.

    • admin@muffy.com

      This should be in the X server, not the window manager. Having this in the window manager is misplaced and pure brain damage.

  • Stonny

    Awful summary of X11. X.org *IS* X. It forked from XFree86, which was also X. Neither do WIMP. They do W and P and software like KDE provides the I and M.

  • Thomas T.

    Nice! Thanks for your work!

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  • Paul-Sebastian Manole

    I would still need to change the primary display to the external monitor…