Transform Your Nexus Into A Kindle Fire


That’s right, you read this headline correctly.  You can now transform your aging Samsung Nexus S into a Kindle Fire.  Now you’re probably asking yourself why you would want to transform one of the best phones of 2010 into a closed platform like the Kindle Fire.  We’re sure you’re just oozing to consume your vast library of DRM’d content an a tiny 4″ screen.  No, you’re not, we know.  So I guess that only leaves one reason; because you can.

As clearly stated by POORCOLLEGEGUY on XDA, it is much more common to see developers working towards bringing use-able roms to devices like the Kindle Fire as opposed to bringing useless ones to old devices.  Either way, it’s cool that this exists and to know that it’s possible.  Heck, I’d even give it a shot if I still had my trusty old Nexus S. The port was managed by XDA senior member GalaxyUser.

He writes in the original thread:

It seems to me that the rom of Kindle Fire has never been ported to any other device!
But this rom is very unstable. For me it was more a challenge to get something booted on the Nexus S. That is why this rom is only for porters / developers but not for daily use.

The port is not perfect however.  Here is a quick list of things that are not yet working — and may never work –.

Camera (there is no camera app and camera from CM does not work
Bluetooth (not present in settings)
Some option in settings
Others things
Reboot because of libaudioflinger


 Source | XDA

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