Anodyne, A 16-Bit Style Action RPG, Released For Linux


If you visited The Pirate Bay today, you probably noticed a nice little promo going on involving the new game Anodyne.  Anodyne is a Zelda-esque style action RPG, with the charm of my favorite RPG ever Earthbound.  Well, it’s not just charm; it really feels like it is part of the Earthbound/Mother series.  We haven’t really gotten our hands dirty with it yet save for starting up a game after installation, but it was enough to get us impressed.

The game is available for free today on The Pirate Bay, and using our installation instructions, you can play it today too.  Unfortunately the game requires Adobe Air, which was abandoned on Linux by Adobe quite some time ago.  You might even remember it being the source for some controversy surrounding the Humble Botanicula Bundle last year.  Either way, getting it going on Ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10 is a pain in the rear, but we’ve got you covered.

The bad news about the game is this; currently it is in Steam Greenlight, trying to make it’s way into the Steam store, but since it is an Adobe Air application, you’ll probably never see it in Steam for Linux library.  You won’t feel that pain today, but when you pick up a Hubmle Bundle in the future with this title on board, you’ll probably want to use your Steam keys to make installation a breeze.  You’ll be left out in the cold…  But don’t let then push you off the ledge because this game really looks like it’s worth a play.  And if your that guy (or gal) who’s gonna boycott this great game because it requires Adobe Air and is not free, just take a glance over at your Xbox, Playstation or Wii library and take some time to re-evaluate your stance.

About the game:

Anodyne is a game made by my friend Jonathan Kittaka and I (Sean Hogan), very much influenced by our lives and friendships, and of course interest in games! We worked on it in our spare time over the last ten months, and now you can play!

We want to keep making games for people to experience, so if you’re able to, please consider buying a copy of Anodyne! Nevertheless, we know not all are financially able to do so, which is why we choose to make the torrent available, because we think that more people will be able to experience Anodyne this way (while still allowing ourselves to be supported by Anodyne’s sales).

And, we’d appreciate it if you voted for us (and told your friends to vote) on our Steam Greenlight page. If we are greenlit, that will let even more people hear about Anodyne!

Source | The Pirate Bay

Support Anodyne on Greenlight (even though it’s an AIR application).

Anodyne Homepage

How To Install In Ubuntu 12.04 & 12.10

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