[How To] Install Anodyne In Ubuntu 12.04 And 12.10


Anodyne, an amazing Zelda-esque action RPG, has just been released, and you can get in now as part of a promotion at The Pirate Bay. Only problem is, it is an Adobe Air application. This is bad on two levels; 1) Adobe Air was abondoned by Adobe quite some time ago, and 2) Adobe Air is a 32-bit application. It’s not available from the Ubuntu Software Center, but as an installer from Adobe that requires quite a few i386 libraries. So, let’s get it installed and play Anodyne! Also, those of you who are still trying to play Botanicula will benefit from this as well.

First, get the game!

Download Anodyne

Now, let’s get Adobe Air in our home dir, and a nice little library installer.

wget http://airdownload.adobe.com/air/lin/download/2.6/AdobeAIRInstaller.bin 
wget http://jeffhendricks.net/getlibs-all.deb
Next, let's make that Adobe Air installer executable and install getlibs. 
chmod +x ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin sudo dpkg -i getlibs-all.deb 
OK, we're halfway there. Now we need to install round one of dependancies, and grab the libraries that are going to make this work. 
sudo apt-get install libhal-storage1 libgnome-keyring0 lib32nss-mdns sudo getlibs -l libhal-storage.so.1 sudo getlibs -l libgnome-keyring.so.0.2.0 
This is going to install quite a few 32-bit libraries, so don't be alarmed if you have to scroll up & down to see them all. Next, Adobe Air is going to be looking for a couple of libraries and not be able to find them. To fix, we'll just create symlinks from them in the directory it is expecting to see them at. Super simple. 
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libgnome-keyring.so.0 /usr/lib/libgnome-keyring.so.0 
Almost out of woods. Let's install Adobe Air. 
sudo ./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin 
Cool beans! Accept the license terms and move on! You're now able to use the Adobe Air installer.  Now, just show Adobe Air where you game is and it will be installed and you will be able to find it in the Dash, Gnome Menu, KDE Menu and so on. Enjoy!

About Dean Howell

Aside from being a huge Sega fan, Dean is an LPIC certified Linux professional with over a decade experience. In addition to spending his free time burning through the classics from Sega and evangelizing open source, he's also the editor-in-cheif of The Powerbase.
  • Anonymous

    Thanks Dean… your post sent me down the right path. On Ubuntu 12.04 x64, I didn’t need to install getlibs nor use it to install the keyring/hal dependencies… simply running the apt-get command you list, creating the symlink, and then executing the air executable worked like a charm.

    • http://profiles.google.com/deanhowell2 Dean Howell

      Glad it worked for you. I didn’t actually test this on 12.04, but figured it would work. Thanks for validating it,

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  • Nick

    I was unable to complete the symlink steps, receiving error messages that the file already existed. I used the LD_LIBRARY_PATH of this website (http://askubuntu.com/questions/87447/how-can-i-install-adobe-air) to solve the issue and install Air.