Play HTML5 Games In Your Login Screen With MDM


MDM, the Mint Display Manager, now offers an awesome features for artists and web developers that want to design attractive login screens for Linux.  MDM now supports themes made with HTML5.  But can you use it?  Well, kind of…  From the Linux Mint Blog:

MDM 1.2 will be available in Linux Mint 15 and will feature this new Webkit greeter and a selection of HTML themes.

MDM 1.1.x available as BETA for theme artists

On, the development branch of MDM (1.1.x) already features a functional Webkit greeter.

We’re calling all interested artists and web designers to participate in this. We’d like to design good looking themes for it. We want to help artists make the most of the greeter we developed, guide them through and listen to their feedback to improve it and provide additional features themes might need.

HTML5 Login with MDM

So, if you’re an artist who can’t wait to get started, Mint wants to talk to you.  But the most interesting feature of MDM is in how simple the implementation is.  It simply uses WebKit, which means anything HTML5 is going to work for you.  That means you could easily integrate any HTML5 game into your login screen.  But why stop there?  How about Grooveshark’s HTML5 interface in your upper-right quadrant?  Sure, computers are much more useful when you are logged into them, but what the hell!  This is definitely the coolest thing to ever come out of Mint.  With features like this, expect MDM to start working its way into a distro new you.  With this sort of bling factor, ‘theme’boys will not allow themselves to be left out in the cold…

Game Example Provided By Mint.

For more information, and examples of some of the work done so far, check out the Linux Mint Blog.

Source | Linux Mint Blog

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  • Tristan Stanic

    Why would anyone want to play a game in the login screen? Instead of wasting time to do useless junk. Mint should spend their time to fix their awful and ugly MDM greeter (where the user must enter the user name AND the password).

  • His Dudeness

    MDM has got a lot of already included themes (you don’t have to download and install them separately) to choose. Half of those already have (thankfully) a selection menu from all existing users, like all others greeters. So, the problem you are complaining about is already solved, and not since just yesterday.

    Also, playing games is just a not necessarily wanted consequence of using HTML5. The fact that the writer of this article put the accent on that does not mean Mint developers aimed to that, and does not mean that it is the only modification that pointing to HTML5 will bring. HTML5 means more customization and easier contributes by users and non-professional developers. Clem himself said no one would want to play games in the login screen. Read here

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