Gamer Rewrites Valve’s Steam Installer For Debian


Gaming on Linux is a very real thing right now, and most of that is thanks to Steam.  Initially, Steam committed only to the most popular desktop distribution, Ubuntu but more recently has opened the door to others.  So what do you do when you want to game in Linux and you’re using something a little less popular — at least, on the desktop?

If you’re GhostSquad57, you rewrite the installer for Debian and upload it to Github.  GhostSquad57 uploaded his efforts to Github yesterday, and has since reached out to the Linux community on Reddit for testers.  Does it work fo you?

That said, the feedback he’s received on Reddit so far is a mixed bag of ‘thank you’ and ‘f-u’.  Here are some of the highlights thus far.

scratchr writes:

Thank you! This is the first installer that actually worked.

EDIT: It also added “universe” to the Debian entries in /etc/apt/sources.list.

drmoo66 writes:

Congrats on violating the steam subscriber agreement.

You’re just lucky Gabe is such a nice guy, and won’t pursue this in court.

smalltock writes:

Flawless! The official installer was being pissy with me, so you have my gratitude for this 😀

Legal mumbo-jumbo aside, I’m sure that Gabe & company will be pleased to add to the number of users in the ‘other’ ticker on their next hardware & software survey.  And we’re for anything that avoids the awkward paradox of users having to dual boot their systems dedicating Ubuntu to playing games, and their chosen distro for work.  That would be a little too much like the reality many of you already live in with Windows…  So, why don’t you take a moment and dropp by this Reddit thread to give your thanks.

Source | Github

Via | Reddit

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