Google Keep Cameos To Challenge Evernote, Changes Mind


Stunt or stumble?

I’m gonna go ahead and file this one in the publicity stunt pile.  Every time a new Google service is about to emerge, it peeks its head above water just enough for someone to take notice.  And that’s what happened today with Google Keep.

Earlier today, Android mega-site Android Police was able to get more than one screenshot of Google’s new Google Keep service, a note-taking application designed to compliment and further complete the Google Drive work-o-sphere.  But after just barely scratching the surface of Google Keep, it disappeared.  Here are some of the shots they were able to snap this morning.

What little we do know about how things operate are all thanks to Ron Amadeo of Android Police, who had this to say.

Keep does a terrible job of displaying images in list view. This Jelly Bean logo is only 175 x 267, but here Keep is stretching it to a massive size, it won’t even fit on my monitor. There’s a mobile web interface, which we have pictured on the right. There’s supposed to be an Android app too, but there’s no sign of that yet.

Google is not new to the note-taking business.  They’ve never really hit it out of the park, but did manage to keep it’s Google Notebook service in-service for 3 years, finally throwing the towel in and bowing to note-taking giant Evernote in 2009.

Source | Android Police

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