Linux Beats Mac Dramatically In Humble Bundle Total Payments


It’s long been the tradition in Humble Bundle for Linux buyers to outspend other platforms per payment, but this time Linux users have won another category; total payments by platform.  How on the heels of Linux encroaching Apple’s territory in Steam usage, this is just phenomenal.  But what does it mean?

In this category, it simply means that more individuals have ponied up for the Humble Bundle for Linux than for Mac.  That means games like Dungeon Defenders, Super Hexagon and Dynamite Jack will only be played by more users of Windows.  And what does this do for Linux gaming?  It simply makes the argument for developing them all the more compelling.  Let’s take a look and Humble Bundle with Android 5‘s current statistics.

Humble Bundle with Android 5 sales statistics for 3/7/13 @ 12:45 EST
Humble Bundle with Android 5 sales statistics for 3/7/13 @ 12:45 EST

Unfortunately the pie chart above doesn’t give clear and accurate numbers for purchases — nor do they for previous bundles — but what you can see is that Linux (blue) is considerably larger than Mac (green).  If we were to venture a guess, we might guess that the difference is in the vicinity of 15% or so.  Now, let’s compare that Humble Bundle 7.

Humble Bundle 7 sales statistics.
Humble Bundle 7 sales statistics.

Notice that total sales for the Mac were dramatically higher than Linux in what appears to be a share of 25% or more.  Of  course the latest bundle still has 12 days left until closing up shop, so anything can happen, but there is definitely a strong trend in Linux buyers this go round that might translate into more sales next bundle.  Overall, great news and a real triumphant — if just a little premature — for Linux gaming.


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  • PCNetSpec

    Though I’d like to agree .. this bundle also includes Andriod games .. are the “Linux” figures somehow being skewed by this ?

    Do purchases on Android count as “Linux” purchases ?

    Are some Mac users being put off by the word Android ?

    • Dean Howell

      Actually, these are games made for Mac, Windows & Linux, that are also available on Android. Currently, Android is not a purchase option. So, this is mostly like any other bundle.

    • Rich Forge Mingin

      As someone who has actually done this theoretical operation, the purchase types are determined by what browser you were using when you initially purchased. If I’m in a Windows VM when I purchase, it’s marked as a Windows sale. If I’m on my phone, it’s marked as none, or “Other”. After purchase, when you login to your bundle page to download, you can change the purchase OS shown for your purchase, and mine are set to both Linux and Android. These are counted separately, and the Android checkboxes do not affect the Linux purchase numbers.

      I assure you, we Linux users are many, more than most think, and judging by the Humble Bundle numbers, we are quite considerate to those who bring us quality games.

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  • utera

    Article builds a conclusion on questionable evidence.
    What games were in humble bundle 7? Mostly games that wouldn’t appeal to mac or pc users.
    The claim that people paying $1 for a game justifies more game development is absurd.