OpenShot Reaches Halfway In Kickstarter Campaign


OpenShot, the leading (currently) open source video editing package for Linux has reached the halfway point in its Kickstarter campaign today.  OpenShot, which seeks 20k in funding to release upcoming versions of its software for Windows and Mac, has crossed the 10k threshold and is inching towards 11k.  And with 22 days left to go in their campaign, it seems like they might cross the finish line early.

So, why does a program that uses cross-platform libraries and written in C++ need 20k in order to exist on Windows and Mac?  Jonathon explains some of the challenges in the Kickstarter campaign.

Due to cross-platform compatibility issues, our timeline will need to be re-built, using a new, and much improved canvas.  Utilizing HTML5, JQuery, CSS, and WebKit, the new timeline out-performs previous versions of OpenShot by many magnitudes, and is much easier to “skin” and “theme”, due to the power of HTML and CSS.

On his inspiration from the Southern California Linux Expo and whether or not he can follow through with the project:

I have dedicated my past 5 years to building OpenShot, and the past 2 years on developing a revolutionary video editing engine.  I have a proven track record for developing successful, award-winning applications, and I feel extremely confident in my ability to deliver on this project.

In February 2013, I gave a presentation on the new OpenShot engine (referred to as libopenshot) at the Southern California Linux Expo, where it was very well received.  Of course, one of the first questions I was asked, “When will this thing be released, and is it on Kickstarter so I can help?”

So, interested in helping Jonathon Thomas and OpenShot cross the finish line?  Hit up the source link below and immortalize yourself.

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  • Idilix net

    I thought OpenShot was written in python

    • SleekGeek86

      It is, but it seems like the future versions will be in C++.

      • Idilix net

        oh I didn’t know, I was thinking that python for such a heavy app was not quite apropriate, guess that’s good news.

  • Alexander Botero

    They ask money to support Windows and Apple.
    I will NOT support commercial products. Let them fail !

    • Mike Frett

      He could have easily asked the Linux community if he needed help and we would have obliged. I don’t know what’s going on with this guy but Windows and Mac don’t need Open Shot, they have much better alternatives available to them

      I don’t support this move, he can barely make Open Shot stable on Linux. This means all his time will be devoted to closed platforms and the Linux version of Open Shot will become stagnant. Supporting this Kickstarter would mean you don’t want Open Shot on Linux.

      TL;DR Windows and Mac don’t need Open Shot, This is a middle finger to Linux users.

      • eMBee

        uhm, no, they don’t have better alternatives! (yes, if you include non-free software) but just recently a friend asked me for a recommendation for mac, and i honestly couldn’t recommend anything because there was nothing recommendable.

        your claim implies that non-free is better, and if that is not an insult to free software, then i don’t know what is.

        seriously, free software on a non-free platform is better than no free software at all. and once my friend replaced all crucial applications with free software versions it will be easier for me to get him to switch to a free OS too.

    • Thomas Holbrook II

      Come on, seriously? Way to wish ill upon others dude.

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  • Rogério Pereira

    “OpenShot, the leading (currently) open source video editing package for Linux…” That claim is quite a stretch, is it not? Or at the very least, highly debatable. Openshot, while a nice app by itself, can’t hold a candle next to KDEnlive and pretty much piggybacks the results of the development efforts the latter puts into the MLT framework and associated tools (melt). Not to mention that KDEnlive also happens to be, along with an app called Flowblade, *THE* showcase for MLT and frei0r plug-ins capabilities.

    While at a glance Openshot appears simpler to use than KDEnlive, that is mostly because it actually DOES LESS. Openshot can be compared favorably with those old OEM consumer level NLE editors that used to be shipped with TV-capture cards about a decade ago while KDEnlive can roughly be compared with early iterations of Adobe Premiere. Not in the same league at all.

    Boy, the length some people go to dismiss KDE/Qt tools…

    • Dean Howell

      I am a KDE user. Kdenlive is great, but lacks some very basic functions that OpenShot offers, like reversing a video clip.

      This is not yet implemented in KDenlive.

      I’ve not dismissed any KDE/Qt tools.