Ubuntu Touch Boasts Support For 34 Devices, 22 On The Way


A new blog post by Ubuntu community superstar Daniel Holbach reveals some impressive data on Ubuntu Touch.  Most outstanding is the fact that Ubuntu Touch has been ‘ported’ to 34 devices thus far.  Daniel writes:

It’s been three weeks since we published the Porting guide for Ubuntu Touch. Since then we have Ubuntu Touch running on 34 devices (in addition to the original four) and work is in progress on 22 more devices. This is pretty amazing! Kudos to everyone involved who built images, rebuilt kernels and probably flashed their devices a hundred and two times in the process. You can see the an overview over what’s happening on the Touch devices list.

While this claim is mostly impressive, a quick look at the touch devices list makes that number look a little zealous.  While Holbach claims that Ubuntu Touch is running on 34 devices in addition to the original 4 (all Nexus devices), the device list tells a different tale.  It shows that the only devices marked as “running fine” are those that belong to the Nexus family.  The other 34 devices mentioned belong to a group called “Sort of Working”.  The other 22 devices belong to a category called  “Work in Progress”.

An interesting tale of device support.  Though still impressive...
An interesting tale of device support. Though still impressive…

Holbach goes on to say:

These are super exciting times for Ubuntu as a project. While everybody’s working hard porting Ubuntu Touch from quantal over to raring and daily images are produced from automatically tested and landed code another group of people enables Ubuntu Touch on new devices while yet another group of people is busy writing apps for it. This is epic teamwork!

Source | Holbach’s Blog

Ubuntu Touch Device List

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  • Niall

    I suppose they are overstating a little, but I’m glad to see there are people out there working on that many ports.