Vivaldi Tablet Finally (Almost) Finalized


Per Aaron Seigo, the once-hotly anticipated –and still hotly-anticipated-by-me — Vivaldi tablet is in the very final stages of design.  Many of the necessary components are in place and the new design belongs almost entirely to the Plasma Active team.  Many of you might remember that we’ve covered Plasma Active and the Vivaldi tablet quite a bit when it was a hot topic.  We even went so far as to purchase the reference hardware that most closely resembled the Vivaldi tablet.  Aaron will have you think that was only months ago, and he’s not lying, but those months are now dangerously close to turning into years.

Do we care?  Heck no!  We want this thing, and we’re more than a little excited to know what exactly the upgraded specs are.  Today we learned that the device is now dual-core and sports a better screen, but anything above and beyond that is a little bit of a mystery still.

From Aaron’s blog:

Which means we are finally, after months of unexpected delays (it’s amazing how many different ways a PCB can be done in not-quite-the-right way …) we have production designs in the box. We’re not quite at the point where we can send them shuffling off the production line into little boxes to send to you, but we actually have a device that works and whose design we own so that our ability to deliver is in our own hands.

During this time we’ve moved our focus from the single core SoC to a pin-compatible dual core version to keep up with the times a bit as well as brought a better screen into the mix. I would like to post official specs but I don’t want to tempt fate into changing anything on us as a result. See how projects like this can turn an otherwise secular minded person superstitious? 😉

What working?

  • SoC PCBs: done
  • Mer: booting
  • Plasma Active: starts
  • X11: running, still toying with opengl
  • Still waiting on a pair of drivers
  • Casework being tweaked to smooth out some rough edges
  • Screen components: sourced and ready

Thank you

We’d like to thank Aaron in the sincerest way possible for not only causing us to drool over this device again, but also for his frank — if not also a bit mysterious — update.  It looks like no promises will be broken this go ’round and no hearts will be broken.

Aaron, you should be expecting an email from us begging you for a review unit when everything is final.  No other publication is in heat for this thing like we are.

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