Kubuntu Will Continue With Xorg Until Ubuntu 14.10


A Long Way ‘Til Wayland…

Fans of Ubuntu and fans of KDE are likely privy to the behind-the-scenes drama regarding to coming switch to MirMir is a compositing display server developed internally by Ubuntu.  While Ubuntu makes its gradual switch to Mir in an attempt to unify it’s platform across devices, KDE, Gnome, and many others are planning to move to WaylandWayland is an openly developed display server designed to replace X.  While the possibility of running KDE on Xmir –a compatibility layer that will allow programs designed to use X on Mir — exists, Jonathan Riddell explains that they are %100 behind Wayland and will stick with Xorg until Wayland is ready.

There’s been a few posts of Kubuntu on XMir and other flavours too. That’s nice to see but compositing is very fragile, even Ubuntu shipping the latest Mesa can increase the number of beasties the poor KWin developers have to handle with because of unexpected issues it creates. Putting another layer between KWin and your monitor is certain to create new issues so I’ll be keeping anything to do with Mir off the Kubuntu images.

The language is blunt and straight to the point.  Jonathan continues to sell the idea that Mir is a bad idea and does nothing to support the idea of Ubuntu or to further community efforts.  This author is absolutely buying what he’s selling.  But what is left to be seen is whether click-packages, Mir, and other Ubuntu efforts are going to push the Ubuntu derivatives into oblivion.  Jonathan also offered this;

What’s unknown is what happens when an Ubuntu Desktop user installs Kubuntu Desktop or vice versa. We’ll have to find a way to deal with that in a sensible manner. And maintaining Wayland in the ubuntu archives will be fiddly, even if it is mostly a sync from Debian. And the live CD system is fiddly with X never mind with three different graphics systems. But we press on because we love it and we change the world.

There is no doubt in our mind that having all of these display servers in one distribution with be a complicated dance for engineers, but at the same time we are hopeful, and eager for Kubuntu 14.10.

Source | Jonathan Riddell’s Blog

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