Calibre 0.9.38 released; How To Install In Any Distribution


Calibre 0.9.38 has been released today with a lot of under-the-hood changes.  Let’s take a look:

New Features

Book polishing: Add option to embed all referenced fonts when polishing books using the ‘Polish Books’ tool.
Closes tickets: 1196038

DOCX Input: Add support for clickable (hyperlinked) images
Closes tickets: 1196728

DOCX Input: Insert page breaks at the start of every new section
Closes tickets: 1196728

Drivers for Trekstor Pyrus Maxi and PocketBook Surfpad 2
Closes tickets: 1196931, 1182850

DOCX Input: Add support for horizontal rules created by typing three hyphens and pressing enter.
Bug Fixes

Fix detection of SD Card in some PRS-T2N devices
Closes tickets: 1197970

MOBI Input: Fix a regression that broke parsing of MOBI files with malformed markup that also used entities for apostrophes.
Get Books: Update Woblink store plugin
Metadata download dialog: Prevent the buttons from being re-ordered when the Next button is clicked.
PDF Output: Fix links that point to URLs with query parameters being mangled by the conversion process.
Closes tickets: 1197006

DOCX Input: Fix links pointing to locations in the same document that contain multiple, redundant bookmarks not working.
EPUB/AZW3 Output: Fix splitting on page-break-after with plain text immediately following the split point causing the text to be added before rather than after the split point.
Closes tickets: 1196728

DOCX Input: handle bookmarks defined at the paragraph level
Closes tickets: 1196728

DOCX Input: Handle hyperlinks created as fields
Closes tickets: 1196728

New news sources

Democracy Now by Antoine Beaupre
Improved news sources


Those interested in installing the latest Calibre for your distribution can simply do so by running this command.

sudo python -c "import sys; py3 = sys.version_info[0] > 2; u = __import__('urllib.request' if py3 else 'urllib', fromlist=1); exec(u.urlopen('').read()); main()"

That’s it folks!

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