Final Term: A 2013 Spin on a 1978 Relic


The terminal emulator.  Perhaps the most important tool in any one person’s arsenal for accessing systems remotely and locally.  Unix and Linux admins would be lost without one; but despite it’s usefulness, little has been done to modernize the experience.  Until now.

Enter Final Term.  The sexiest damn terminal you’ve ever seen.  With progress bars!  Final Term–thus far–offers the following;

Semantic text menus

Final Term knows which pieces of terminal output represent filenames, PIDs, web URLs or IP addresses and provides context-aware commands for each of them.

New semantic menus can be added effortlessly with a powerful yet simple text file-based plug-in system — no programming required.

Smart command completion

Final Term knows when it is displaying a command prompt to you, and it knows all the commands that you ever entered.

The moment you start typing, suggestions from your terminal history automatically pop up — lightning fast and sorted by an algorithm that ensures what you want to type is almost always right at the top.

GUI terminal controls

Final Term lets you collapse command output much like a programmer’s editor lets you fold code.

Final Term recognizes “ASCII art scrollbars” in the output of supported programs like wget and displays matching GUI scrollbars, allowing you to monitor progress while the output is scrolled away.


In addition to all of that, Final Term also offers the ability to reflow text while resizing the terminal–in real time; something that Mac OS X users have had for a great many years now.

Currently, this is pre-alpha software and not suitable as a daily driver.  Some things like Vim do not even function yet.  But you can get involved!  Check out the project on Git!

Source | Final Term

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Final Term Git Repository

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  • JD.Leik

    Very cool! Looking forward to seeing the final version.

  • jt

    Looks sweet. I love the command line and anything that makes that better is good work.

  • Anon

    Announce this again when it works with ALL of the GNU tools. (And Vim)

  • DeepDayze

    Awesomness in a sexy package so can’t wait to see this beauty hit the Debian repos once its fully polished to work with all the common GNU/Linux tools