Gnome 3.9.4 Intros Photos App, Improves Wayland support


Gnome 3.9.4

Gnome announced today that their latest development release 2.9.4 is out and ready for the everyday risk-takers consumption, and with it come some new–and perhaps even exciting– changes.  Gnome 2.9.4 is the latest development snapshot leading up to Gnome 2.10 in September.


Gnome might have you believe that their new Photos app is the star of the show, but the improvements to Clutter–Gnome’s desktop compositor–are the most important.  Most notably, they improve combatibility with the Wayland back-end, putting yet another nail in the Xorg coffin.  The work done in Gnome 3.9.4 to improve Wayland compatibility will be even better realized with version 3.9.8, which will offer improved GUI scaling based on the DPI of your screen–ala’ the Retina Macbook Pro.

Gnome Photos

This has been talked about for quite some time.  We haven’t gotten our hands on a running development release yet, so we can’t show you what it looks like.  Your best shot today and learning about the direction of this app is to visit its wiki page, or, you can visit this nice preview announcement showing the software running in Gnome 3.8.  It resembles Gnome Music, and follows the Gnome HID to the letter.

Source | Gnome Mailing List

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