KDE 4.11 Gets Impromptu Memory Use Decrease Across KDE PIM, Others


KDE developer Sergio Martens went on an emergency bug fixing marathon recently, discovering and fixing several bugs related excess memory usage across many core KDE applications and KDE PIM.  These improvements are expected to land in KDE 4.11.  Why impromptu?  It turns out that Sergio’s quest for additional DDR ram locally, fell short of expectations.  Since he was not able to procure the needed ram, he decided to instead go on a bug hunt, finding inappropriate memory use in many places.  Those changes and findings are as follows:

  • Fixed a bug where maildir resource would use 1 or 2GB when importing large folders.
  • Fixed a bug where mixedmaildir resource would also use 1 or 2GB.
    (Thanks to Martin Steigerwald for providing a a 77k e-mail folder).
  • akonadiserver wasn’t clearing uneeded query caches. Saved 65MB here.
  • Kontact had 5 copies of all calendaring data in memory if you used summary view which
    accounted for 200MB with my big test .ical file.
  • KOrganizer grew infinitely over night under some circumstances.
  • KAlarm wasn’t freeing editor dialogs, resulting in infinite memory usage over time.
  • Mysql got up to 25 MB of savings (4.12)
While these savings are nothing short of extraordinary, the fact they they existed in this capacity at all is a little bit disheartening.  Either way, three cheers for Sergio for fixing these bugs so late in the 4.10 cycle.  We are well on our way to an exciting release in 4.11, the last release in the 4.x series–a rocky road turned super smooth.

Source | blogs.kde.org

Dean Howell

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